Our names are Mario and Marco. We live in CalabriaAt the beginning of the 20th century our ancestors sailed from the south coast of Italy towards Americas.

Someone, like our mother’s grandfather, come back from Montevideo to get his family and take it with him to Uruguay, never left again: on the ship dead people were given to the deep water of the Ocean for fear of epidemics, and this anchored him to Calabria forever. 

After passing Ellis Island, we have known nothing about some others, until ten years ago, when some of their descendants contacted us by email from varied areas of USA and Canada.
Once in touch, our stories met and at last the missing plugs came back to their places. Their hunger for information, honestly, was three times greater than our, so that we were influenced.

We made research for them in the native towns of their ancestors (parents, grandparents, great-grandparents, etc.) and it was fantastic. 

All this has enormously enriched us, and since then we have been placing our competences and our privileged logistic position in the genealogic research of information and materials about one’s ancestors at people’s disposal.