"Thank you Mario and Marco !! You found what others said couldn't be found !
Lisa J. (New York State - Usa), September 2020

"With the information you provided for my ancestors I was able to go on google maps and see the house he was born in. I am assuming that is where the family home was. I plan on going back to Italy in about 2 years and now I will be able to walk the same street as my ancestors. I am forever grateful! Thank you!".

Charles S. (New Jersey - Usa), July 2020

"We all want to thank you so much for such a thoughtfully planned and wonderfully delivered ancestry experience. The research you conducted and the visit to John’s ancestral village Cassano all’lonio was a very moving and emotional experience. To see the church where John’s grandfather was baptized and the street where the family lived was very special and we will never forget that day. Also, the visit to Sila National Park with the cheese making and cooking experience and wonderful farm to table lunch was fantastic. And we also want to thank you, and Anarita for all your warmth, hospitality and enthusiasm! You made us feel so welcome and connected".

Mary S. (New York - Usa), June 2018

"Our visit with Eugenio was fantastic. He showed us his vines and pruning styles. He discussed the many native varieties he works with. We tasted his newest vintage in tank (only 6 days old). Also tasted three of his bottled wines, Magliocco, Nero d'Avola and a blended white wine. All great !! Thanks for planning our wine tour".

Jeff and Carla F. (California - Usa), October 2017

"For ten years, I had been trying to find my relatives in Italy. I contacted all of my living relatives in the USA and none of them had any contact with relatives in Italy. I joined the Genealogy Society and Ancestry.com. I even did a DNA test to hopefully find some Italian relatives. I had no luck. So, when you find a closed door, you look for a window. I started looking on the internet in the town I knew where my grandparents were born. I sent emails to the town officials. No response. But, in the process, I found WeLoveAncestry. I sent an email and after several emails, I was convinced that they could find my relatives. Within three days of the contract, my Italian relatives were found. Also, I got a Family Tree of my Italian ancestors, a real treasure. All of it at a reasonable price. I contacted my Italian cousins and had conversations. I am going to Italy to meet them!!! What a BLESSING!!! After ten years, I finally have contact with my Italian relatives!!! Thank you so much".

Sharon T. (Tennessee - Usa), July 2017

"We love ancestry, is the best company of all of southern Italy if you want to learn about your genealogy and the area that your ancestors came to live ,hundreds or thousands of year ago. Marco and Mario are true professional of their trade!!! Not only they are professional, but they truly caring, considerate to their clients, and most important, they treat you like family!!! I rate , we love ancestry, excellent!!!!!! Thank you again, Marco, God Bless You!!!!!".
Salvatore Jospeh M. Y. (Montana - Usa), January 2017

"For the past four days we’ve been in Cosenza, walking the earth of our Italian ancestors. Yesterday we met our cousins. This was not expected. It was enough for Maya and I to walk the gentle earth of our maternal ancestors. To be aligned simply by walking. But with the help of our dear friend Mario who researched our family , we journeyed to the village of Figline Vegliaturo and embraced our relatives from the side of my Mother, Grandfather, and Great Grand Mother. Mario took us to the Village’ Town Hall and was able to locate my Grandfather, Francesco and Great Grandfather, Pasquale in the pages of the birth registry. I also look forward to sharing this journey with my other Canadian relatives, sharing the depth of our heritage, our footsteps, our breath, our life".

Maureen St. (Grenada - Caribbean), July 2016

"Thank you and I do recognize your work helping me find the roots of my family. I have come to find very interesting things about the history of my family thanks to you".

Gary R. (Pittsburgh, PA - Usa), April 2016

"Yesterday when Marco took us to Scigliano and helped me find my dad's cousins and to see the house where my nonno grew up, I was overwhelmed with emotion. He just started asking people around town if they knew my nonno and his family and that's how we found them. The gift of being able to see his home is something that I will never forget for the rest of my life and I can't thank you enough. I can't wait to show my 93 year old nonno the photos we took. Thank you from the bottom of my heart".

Marisa T. (Ontario - Canada), October 2015

"They provide an invaluable service in helping you to search for your ancestors. They do a tremendous job of researching your ancestry, putting together a family tree and the most important part they take you to the village your ancestors are from and in our case identified the homes that my grandparents grew up in. This is an invaluable service for anyone trying to track down their ancestry or even trying to find living relatives. I am so thankful to Marco and Mario for providing this service as I know we would not have been able to do this on our own".

William D. (Pennsylvania - Usa), July 2015